In terms of online patient care, MyPennMedicine is one of the most convenient and secure options available. Any communications that are not time-sensitive will be answered within two business days by your expert group. MyPennMedicine also allows you to view the notes that members of your stakeholder group have collected and shared during outpatient appointments in one convenient location.

Oftentimes, you’ll discover that notes contain crucial information regarding medication or treatment, and registration is free.

myPennMedicine Portal Benefits

The following are some of the advantages of creating an account with the official myPennMedicine website:

Paying your payments online has never been easier or more safe

Personal and health information may be updated via the site; you can also pay your expenses. With the convenience of online bill payment, you don’t have to deal with your chequebook or credit card during a meeting.


You may also make your own appointments with doctors and specialists and subscribe to electronic waiting lists for visits that have already been scheduled. Also, you may store your most often used appointments, which can speed up the procedure. MyPennMedicine may be configured to notify you of your medical requirements. MyPennMedicine’s login page also gives you access to urgent care. You can book an emergency visit at any moment by going to the site.

Receive regular notifications

What if you could control how Penn Medicine reaches out to you, and when? You may now customize how you get alerts from Penn Medicine on Having a My Penn Medicine account will keep you up to date on medical news and your medical records.

Test results

MyPennMedicine allows you to see your test results as soon as they are available. You’ll be able to track your development over time by looking back at previous outcomes one by one. Using MyPennMedicine, you may obtain notes from your outpatient consultations from your healthcare team. Medication and medical treatment details should be included in these notes as well.

Share your health information with others.

Allows you to share your Penn Medicine medical information with other healthcare professionals via the myPennMedicine interface is easy and safe. As an added bonus, you may link your accounts to other healthcare providers so that all of your medical information is available in one spot.