MyPennMedicine allows you to manage your Penn Medicine treatment online. The consideration group will respond to non-critical messages within two working days.

MyPennMedicine makes it simple to exchange health information with a variety of medical professionals. Your medical records might be linked to other health organisations that provide more information about your health from a single location.

Frequently Asked Questions

MyPennMedicine newbies regularly ask these questions, so we’ve compiled a list of them below.

Are there any fees associated with using myPennMedicine?

  • Our patients can use myPennMedicine for free.

What is the meaning of an activation code?

  • MyPennMedicine requires the following information to get you started: your activation code, postal code, birth date, and in certain circumstances your social security number. First-time users should click on “New User” and follow the on-screen steps to activate their account.

Is my username the same as my activation code?

  • Not your activation code: MyPennMedicine usernames and passwords Only once may you use the activation code for myPennMedicine. The first time you use myPennMedicine, you’ll be prompted to establish a unique login and password.

What if I lose track of my password?

  • What if you’ve lost your password? You may create a new password by filling out the form. You can reset your password if you follow the steps and properly answer the reset password question.

What happens if I forget my username for myPennMedicine?

  • You can choose Forgot Username? This is the login screen for myPennMedicine. To acquire your unique myPennMedicine username, please complete the form below. Your myPennMedicine system administrator at 866-614-7606 can help restore your account if you’ve forgotten your username or password or haven’t given a valid email address.

When will my myPennMedicine test results be available?

  • Whenever a new test result is published, you will receive an email notification. Altering your notification preferences for test results is another option.

What is the meaning of pre-registration?

  • Prior to seeing a Penn medication provider, you can pre-register in myPennMedicine and the myPennMedicine app and perform certain pre-processing activities. You can sign up for the consultation as soon as you arrive with this method.

How fast can I schedule an appointment with preregistration?

  • You can pre-register up to four days in advance of an agreed-upon appointment if it is still available.