Proxy Access

The official myPennMedicine website offers a wide range of services, including online billing, communication with healthcare provider personnel, prescription extensions, management consultations, test results, and medication tracking.

MyPennMedicine services may also be accessed via mobile applications for Android and iOS.

866-614-7606 is the number to reach a customer service representative.

Proxy Access For MyPennMedicine

An individual with a myPennMedicine account can get full or partial control over the myPennMedicine accounts of others using proxy access. As a delegate, you’ll be able to see test results, arrange appointments, and communicate with patients on their behalf.

Proxy access allows anybody to examine and act on behalf of the proxy patient’s test results and other clinical information, schedule appointments, send messages, and carry out other duties.

Your doctor or family member’s office must be registered in order to provide you with representation. If you don’t already have a myPennMedicine account and/or are not a patient of Penn Medicine, you can apply for one at your doctor’s office.

It is possible to offer newborn proxy access to both parents recorded on the birth certificate. Enable myPennMedicine capabilities and clinical data for the baby’s proxy. The medical record of a baby contains information on the parents’ medical histories, which can be accessed by the child’s legal guardians. If you have any concerns concerning the privacy of your medical records, you should speak with the obstetrician or other member of the delivery team.

One or more parents or guardians of children under the age of 14 may be allowed authorised representative access. MyPennMedicine functionalities and clinical information are available to the agent.

The agreement of the teenage patient is required for a parent or legal guardian to allow access to adolescent patients ages 14 to 17. The patient can revoke it at any moment.

One or more parents or legal guardians of minors between the ages of 14 and 17 may be given this form of visiting authority via proxy. Allergies and immunizations may only be viewed under certain conditions.

One or more adult proxy holders may be provided full access to the patient’s medical records upon the patient’s request. At any point, this patient has the option to rescind their consent.