Using myPennMedicine, patients may access their medical history, test results, referrals, prescription medicines, refill requests, and appointments at any time and from any location.

Instant access to the information you want is provided through the site, which is beneficial for your eyes. A computer with an Internet connection, a current browser, and an email address are required to use all of the features of MyPennMedicine.

Services At MyPennMedicine

MyPennMedicine test results are usually accessible within a few days of completion for most of the myPennMedicine sites. Over time, you may see how you’ve progressed by going back and looking at each individual outcome. Questions or complaints regarding the results can be directed to the company that commissioned the test. You will be alerted via email as soon as a new test result is made public.

Non-urgent medical inquiries, medications, and appointments can be sent to your doctor through myPennMedicine’s secure communication system. Attachments such as documents, records, and images can also be sent.

Registration on the official site makes it simple to set up an appointment at a time and location of your choosing. For patients, the myPennMedicine system is convenient.

Your medical records from partner organizations can be linked to your myPennMedicine records.

Using myPennMedicine and the myPennMedicine app, you may pre-register before seeing a Penn medication provider. Your appointment can be scheduled more quickly.

pre-registration allows you to do the following:

  • Your personal and insurance details should be current.
  • Make sure that your prescriptions, allergies, and health conditions are up to date before you go to the pharmacy.
  • Using an electronic signature, you can sign some papers.

If you already have insurance via myPennMedicine, you can make changes to it or remove it entirely.